Am Looking For Cherries about 8tonnes

Apr 24, 2024 - Not mandatory

R5,000.00 Fixed

Additional Requirements:

Freshly harvested apples

Uniform size and color

No pesticides or chemical residues

Packaging suitable for export (cartons with protective liners)

Preferred Payment Terms: Letter of Credit (L/C)



We are interested in purchasing 500 boxes of Gala apples, Grade A quality, for our retail distribution in Nairobi, Kenya. The apples should be freshly harvested, free from pesticides, and packed securely for export. We require uniform size and color to meet our market standards. Please provide pricing details, delivery timeframe, and payment terms. We prefer payment via Letter of Credit (L/C).

Thank you.

Best regards,

John Smith

FreshFruits Ltd

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Apr 24, 2024
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